About us


The Old Northwest Military History Association (ONMHA) is a family-friendly organization of people who have an interest in history, specifically of Fort Meigs and the War of 1812. Our members fill many rolls, with most of these being divided into two categories, costumed interpretation, and non-costumed support.

Costumed interpreters represent life during the War of 1812. Our military interpreters portray Cushing’s Company of the 2nd US Artillery. This company was an amalgamation of several different types of soldiers. Our civilians demonstrate different skills and crafts people would have used out here on the frontier over 200 years ago. Non-costumed members help with site and event support.

Our focus is supporting Fort Meigs, but we also attend events at other historic sites in the United States and Canada. We also get together for picnics, dinners, dances, and sometimes just to talk.

Organization Activities

Business Meetings

The association has monthly business meetings on the first Thursday of every month except December.

Drill and Training

Our unit has a good reputation in the War of 1812 reenacting community. To maintain this, we hold drill or training sessions every Thursday, except for the first Thursday of each month, from April through September. Drill consists of artillery, musket, or marching. 

All members are expected to attend training sessions, which include clothing and uniform talks, black powder safety, site history, and site safety.

Event Support

We support several special events at Fort Meigs with costumed interpretation, set up before, and tear down afterwards. Lunch and often dinner is usually provided for our volunteers.

Away Events

ONMHA attends several events at other sites throughout the midwest and Canada. This gives us the opportunity to camp at other historic sites and  interact with many other reenacting units from both sides. These are unique experiences that the general public does not often get. ONMHA usually covers the cost of food and gunpowder for these events.

Social Gatherings

The association has a Christmas Dinner and Dance in December. We have a family picnic and watch the fireworks on July 3rd. We will frequently buy lunch during sewing or site work sessions.



Old Northwest Military History Association